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Creative Gift Ideas for Men

How to Find Perfect Gift Ideas for the Man in Your LifeIt’s hard to find the right gift for a guy. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or his birthday, you’re never sure what will be different, thoughtful and creative.

We all know the jokes about ties, but whether it’s our father, husband, grandfather or brother (or son!) it’s hard to think of just the right gift for a guy. These tips will help you come up with something interesting and unique this year.

Because there’s no way to list every possible gift idea in one article (although we will list several), here are some ways to get your your imagination flowing and help you narrow your focus on a gift just for him. Make a brief mental or written list of the qualities and interests your dad, husband, boyfriend or granddad has and you can easily recognize gift ideas he will like, appreciate and enjoy.

What are his hobbies? Does he tinker with things?

Does he love having the latest new tech toy?

Does he enjoy photography?

Is he into hunting, or other outdoor interests?

What sports does he enjoy playing or watching?

What sort of music does he enjoy?

Is he openly affectionate or is he the quiet, reserved type?

Does he collect anything?

Does he read books or magazines?

Is he into computers and online games?

Answer all the questions above,
wholesale ugg boots cheap, plus any others that come to mind. Whether the man in your life spends his free time at the computer, behind a camera lens, watching sports on TV or reading, you’ll be more focused on what to get him when you write these things out and think about them for a bit.

Gifts for Guys Who Love Tech ToysWe can’t get through even part of a year without a new cell phone or two being launched, or an update to another popular tech toy announced.

The iPhone 5 and Mini iPad are two of the newest must haves on the market. While earlier generations of each have been out for a while, both of these updates offer some advantages over their earlier launches.

The iPhone 5 has finally moved on from the 5mg camera that hampered its most recent predecessors from taking the sharpest of photos, and it also includes Siri, the polite (female) voice that accompanied the iPhone 4 and answers your questions verbally. Siri is actually pretty smart and fun to know once you ‘talk’ to her, and if your favorite guy hasn’t met her yet, he might like her.

Samsung and other firms have new and improved models (who doesn’t?); if you visit your local cell provider,
replica ugg boots uk, you can test various models and make a decision based on what he likes.

The Mini iPad may require some pre planning if you want it delivered in time for your celebration. It’s been on back order in most stores, but you can see it in person at the Apple Store and hold it in your hands. Once you touch it you won’t want to put it down. It’s wafer thin, weighs next to nothing, and will easily become a favorite.

How to Give a Gift Your Man Will LoveWhen you go over the list you made above, you’ll start picturing the personality of the man you’re buying for, and what motivates him.

This can help you come up with more creative ideas than if you walk into the department store and go by the "Gifts for Father’s Day" counter (which is most certainly stocked with the usual ties, socks, shirts and other stuff that probably already fills his drawers and closet).

Depending on your budget, you can either buy something small but thoughtful, or go all out for that major purchase he’s been pondering. If you know he’s into hunting or photography, but you really don’t understand the gear, ask his closest buddy about the latest equipment might be, or what little device is missing from his gear.

Hunters and Fishermen: Hunting and fishing enthusiasts might like something simple but incredibly useful, such as anything waterproof that can be used in any type of weather or a case that will protect expensive guns, ammunition or tackle.

If he’s had his eye on a new gun or rod, see if his best buddy can tip you off on what to get.

Even if you can’t afford the full price, a gift certificate toward that goal will be appreciated. It will show him you paid attention to what he likes, and you support his hobby.

Photography buffs: Your amateur (or even professional) photography dude will drool over the latest new name brand camera. Canon and Nikon have both released recent high end dSLRs (the Canon EOS 5D Mark iii and the Nikon D800); both cameras have been given great reviews and are hot items currently. If he’s happy with his camera body, perhaps he would like a new lens. Or, you may score a hit with something as simple as a new, high quality filter or a professional grade camera bag (especially if they have added to their kit and outgrown the bag(s) they currently use.

You can also get gift certificates (and a ‘permission slip’ from you) for a weekend at a favorite hunting retreat,
ugg boots replica, a photography show or weekend meet up, or a spot that lends itself to good hunting or great photos.

Collectors: Do some research to find out what is missing from his collection and see if you can locate a good find to add to it. Give him a book on the topic (some of these are very expensive and are used as major sources for research and appraising collectors’ items),
ugg boots fake. Buy tickets and a weekend trip for a convention of collectors in his field.

Chronicle recommends

Chronicle recommends

In evaluating state ballot measures, Californians should be looking not just for good ideas, but well crafted measures that do what they intend without unwanted side effects.Proposition 45 is an example of a poorly drafted, poorly timed attempt to regulate health insurance premiums. But the federal Affordable Care Act has made some profound changes in the way rates and scope of coverage are determined, and this measure fails to adequately account for the new environment.One of the most compelling arguments against Proposition 45 is that it could seriously undermine Covered California, which has become a national model in providing affordable premiums to individuals, families and small businesses. More than 1.3 million Californians signed up during the recently completed open enrollment.Under the new system,
coach outlet, Covered California negotiates with the health care plans not only for price but for quality of care and accessibility of services. Its mission is to give consumers an "apples to apples" comparison of the various plans. It’s important to note that the state is an active purchaser of these plans, which gives it both the incentive and the market leverage to achieve deals and it appears to be succeeding in holding down rates."Right now, whether it’s good fortune or good design, in California we’ve put together a system that has created a real active marketplace," said Rep. , D Martinez, who noted that "my history is to be in favor of rate review."But the concern that Miller and other erstwhile supporters of rate regulation have with Prop. 45 is that it would add what he called an "incredibly disruptive overlay" of uncertainty on these negotiated agreements. That measure, as with Prop. 45,
buy cyber monday michae lkors, is structured to allow an outside group to intervene in cases and collect legal fees and other expenses at the conclusion. Consumer Watchdog has collected millions of dollars through this process, and has come under fire at times for excessive fees.Unlike auto insurance, health care premiums are set once a year,
fashion bags, under tight timelines for the open enrollment period. Last minute rate interventions would inject chaos and uncertainty into an already precarious process of balancing its "triple aims" of cost,
Coach Cyber Monday, quality and health outcomes."Health reform is on something of a knife’s edge as it is," said , senior policy adviser to the , a business group.Consumer Watchdog would like to cast this as a battle between righteous consumers and the evil insurance industry. Yes, the insurers are pouring big money against it, but they are not alone in their concerns. They are joined by consumer advocates and business groups who want the Affordable Care Act to succeed. Weinberg said the measure "feels like friendly fire."Here are two guiding principles for ballot initiatives. One: Don’t vote the concept, vote on the letter of the proposed law. Two: Don’t get in the way of something that is working.

David Archer’s ragu sauce

I have Martha Woodford’s The Archer’s Country Cookbook (AAAAAAA!) (I screamed at the wireless when the Scriptie made Caroline call it a "Cook Book" we are not American),
Cheap Formal Dresses, Peggy Archer’s Book of Recipes (cotains a recipe for a dish called "Nothing" and tells that the juice of the celendine cureth the itch); Doris Archer’s Farm Cookery Book (hidden from Mike, lest he froth at the mouth); The Ambridge Book of Country Cooking by Caroline Bone (the one where she gives the lie to the notion that Adrian Netherbourne is her uncle as she states

"Lord Netherbourne,
cheap prom dresses, bless him,
Cheap Evening Dresses, is my father’s second cousin. He may even be once or twice removed ") and Jennifer Aldridges Archers Cookbook (glad I only spent 2.50 in charity shop on that).

So will not be wanting "2NVQs" Grundy leaflet.

Recently Commented The Hazel Woolley EffectShare FarmingRuth and Sam (the Brookfield herdsman)Debbie,
nike schuhe damen! (our woman in a crisis)

Cornell University’s highly regarded president

Cornell University’s highly regarded president

President Skorton sounded too fussy. Mr. Skorton sounded too formal. David sounded too familiar.

But they needed some way to refer to him,
cheap christian louboutin, these employees who became friends. Some way to transmit that he was the boss, but kind of their buddy, but really the boss, but really their buddy. They settled on "The David."

The David is the guy who wants so badly for you to like him, the one who starts meetings with a joke.

The David is the guy who listens to what you want but gets what he wants.

View Graphic

The David is the guy who is always, always,
louboutin replica, always going to make The Ask.

In eight years as president of Cornell University, David Skorton who was named last week to head the Smithsonian Institution has floated purposefully between two worlds, two realms of perception: the lofty and the lowly.

He is the $5billion man, a fundraising juggernaut who jets to London to woo a mega mogul to give money for Cornell’s new tech campus. He is the college president who bunks in the dorms at the beginning of each academic year and shivers outside in pajamas with the freshmen during fire drills.

Skorton’s eclecticism is vast and ever evolving. Yes, as was repeated over and over during his Smithsonian rollout, he is the cardiologist who plays the jazz flute. But the 64 year old college president is also the beekeeper, the tae kwon do black belt ("I won this by breaking things that don’t hit back," he says, holding up a trophy), the dog enthusiast (Newfoundlands),
louboutin replica, the budding short distance triathlete, the hobby gear head and, above all, the master salesman.

He sharpened his skills of persuasion as a child in the Los Angeles shoe store owned by his Belarusan immigrant father,
Replica Red Bottom, Sam. Dad imposed two inviolable rules, Skorton says during a chat in his sleek and glisteningly white Euro cool office at Cornell. The first, Skorton recalls: "Don’t try to push something on the customer that they don’t want." The second: "Nobody walks out of here without buying a pair of shoes."

Getting Over A Breakup

When you live together there are sometimes problems in the relationship,
fake uggs. For some it will be a deep crisis. Getting over a breakup is one of the hardest things to do.

wholesale uggs cheap, disappointed, sad and with a sense of failure you ask yourself if you want to continue to live together. But to decide to break out of a relationship that divorce is one of the most difficult decisions in a person’s life,
replica ugg boots, especially when there are children in the relationship. For children, it is difficult when parents go separate ways. Therefore, there is every reason to make an effort to solve the problems and see if you can continue to live together.

Before you decide you need to sort out how the relationship is: What is it that is bad in the relationship and what is the good? Is it something we can change together? Do we want it? To stay together only for the sake of the children is rarely any good.

Children are harmed by living in an atmosphere filled with tension, fights or indifference. Sometimes a separation improves the situation for all, once it is completed, provided that the parents can agree on where the children will live and how interaction with the other parent is arranged.

A separation means losses and major changes. How am I getting over a breakup? One must find a new life form, and it’s easy to lose footing in life. Loneliness, uncertainty and concerns about the financial consequences. Maybe one has thought long about breaking up while the other is unprepared and shocked.

A crisis is a particular sequence. This applies to both adults and children. First, it denies it has happened or will happen. After some time you have to open your eyes to reality and try getting over a breakup. Of course you can be overwhelmed by sadness or anger. To ease the pain try to protect yourself in different ways. Maybe they blame everything on the other and come out with accusations against their ex. Other takes the blame themselves. Many people get depressed and get trouble sleeping.

But all divorces / separations may not be this beneficial process,
uggs uk wholesale. One can get caught up in hatred and bitterness.

destinations and best deals this week

Tired of winter already? With the nights drawing in and cold mornings ahead (for the next 5 months at least), now may be the best time to get your winter break in.

Winter sun breaks are a popular choice for holiday makers after a pre end of year escape,
Cyber Monday michael kors sale, sunny getaway or something to look forward to when autumn breaks in and the chill takes over.

But where to go? That’s the question. The south of Spain, and Orlando are popular hotspots for some winter sun, all of which guarantee clear skies,
discount replica michael kors, scorching daytime temperatures and that just right warm sunny breeze in the evenings.

5 best winter sun deals hot right now Costa Dorada, Spain: Seven nights of bliss with the family this October at a southern Spain camping hotspot in Sanguli, Costa Dorada. Depart from anywhere in the UK, from 24 31 October 2015. Price: per family (up to six people.

Lake Garda, Italy: Enjoy seven nights half board at the recently refurbished 4 star Hotel Portici in northern Italy. Depart 25 October from London Gatwick. Price: pp based on two adults sharing a twin room.

black friday michael kors, Antalya Turkey: Spend seven nights at the 5 star Platinum Lifestyle Barut Arum on an all inclusive basis from per person this autumn. Price is based on two adults sharing, and includes flights departing from Manchester airport on 20 October 2015 and transfers.

Albufeira, Portugal: Enjoy seven nights of sun at the 5 star Vidamar Resort Hotel with breakfast in Portugal’s stunning Algarve region. Depart on select dates from 31 October 24 November, 2015 and 1 February 14 March, 2016 from London (Luton, Gatwick, Southend and Stansted), Dublin, Liverpool or airports. Price: pp including transfers.

Calheta, Madeira: Enjoy seven nights half board at the stunning 4 star Saccharum Hotel Resort Spa in northern Italy. Depart 13 November from London Gatwick. Price: pp based on two adults sharing a twin room.

1. Beat the January blues with some winter sun in Europe

Snap up a weekend trip to Amsterdam for under 50 return

With all the festivities over, early January is the best time of year to grab a bargain city break.

Flights to many of Europe’s top destinations such as Amsterdam, Rome and Prague, can be snapped up for under return.

If you don’t want to pack the winter thermals, Spanish city destinations such as Barcelona and Palma, still enjoy temperatures of up to 15 degrees in January, plus hotels are very affordable in these cities.

If you don’t want to wait until the New Year to get away, then the end of November and early December, before the Christmas and New Year rush, is also a great time to escape at a great price.

2. Bag an off peak hotel upgrade

Generally hotels in top winter sun destinations are not as busy during the winter season as they are between June September,
michael kors outlet store. This means you are more likely to bag an upgrade to a more premium room or even a suite.

See our breakdown of the big sales here: WOW Air, British Airways sale, Virgin Atlantic deals, Emirates offers.

It will also give you something to look forward to as the deepest, darkest British winter sets in!

4. What’s hot and not? When it’s winter in the UK, it’s summer in the Indian Ocean, with temperatures often topping 30 degrees!

Luxurious destinations such as are becoming more affordable and accessible with direct flights and in November for example you can enjoy a seven night, all inclusive holiday, on one of ‘ many gorgeous beaches for under per person.

The best time to head out to the Caribbean is also November to January, and destinations such as , Mexico and the Dominican Republic are better value than ever.

Chat Room And Social Networking Safety Tips

Social networking sites and chat rooms are hangouts where people gather to meet discuss topics and current events. You will often meet many new people in the process, but you want to navigate the sometimes treacherous cliffs of online chatting with safety and common sense.

Q. Should I use my real name in chat rooms?

You can use your real name on a social networking site like Facebook,
replica handbags, but you might want to set your profile to private. If you are using Facebook to promote your online writing or new book then it might be best to just make a fan page.

Q. I would expect people to be a bit more flirty on a social networking site devoted to dating then on one about knitting. Social networking sites and chat rooms about politics and religion can also be heated, so user beware!

Q. Should I start my own chat room or social networking site?

A. Anyone is free to start their own social networking site or chat room,
coach black friday sale, but I really do not see the point since there are already so many out there.

Q. Can I meet local people in a chat room or a social networking site?

A. Make sure you are using a site that is dedicated to your local area if that is your objective. I think it is best to meet friends online that share your common interests, and to continue meeting people in real life if you want to explore the dating scene.

Q. Is it ever completely unsafe to ever meet someone from a chat room or social networking site?

A. It is never completely safe to meet any stranger, whether you have met them at a bar, in a chat room, or even if they are a friend of a friend on Facebook. However, it is much safer to meet someone in a public place than a secluded one. Arrange to talk to your new friend on the phone first before meeting in person. Give your date to be your cell phone number if possible and not a LAN line, which will make it easier to screen their calls. Agree to meet in a public place such as Starbucks or a mall food court, so you will be surrounded by people and there will be less chance for someone to hurt you.

Q. I really like him or her and I wonder if it is safe to get in their car on the first date,
michael kors handbags replica. Should I get in someone’s car on a first date?

A. Do not get in the car of someone you do not know. Arrange to meet this person in public for several dates, and arrange to meet their family and friends before you go anywhere with them alone. Any man or woman who is upset that you want to meet their family and friends is not worth your time.

Q. Do people who meet on chat rooms and social networking sites ever get married?

A. Many people who meet on chat rooms fall in love, date, and get married. However, do not think that going to a chat room or meeting someone on a social networking site is going to up your chances of finding quality dates. The quantity may be more plentiful online, but always aim for quality.

fashion handbags. Are chat rooms and social networking sites a good source of dates?

A. Do not use chat rooms and social networking sites as your sole source for dates. Check out local community centers,
cheap fake michael kors, speed dating, hobby groups because these real world environments tend to deliver better results. You can make some great online friends in the chat rooms or social networking sites, but your chance of meeting someone you have common interests with is much more likely at a social activity, or in a class. Online dating and chat rooms are not bad, but there is no guarantee these will always work.

Q. Are long distance relationships with people you meet in chat rooms and social networking sites a good idea?

A. No, because these rarely work out. You have to live close to someone and spend a lot of time with someone to develop a relationship that will last. Long distance relationships are sexy and romantic, but few stand the test of time and geography.

Q. My online buddy/friend/ lover wants money to come see me, should I send it to them?

A. No because this person is pulling a scam, and they probably do it with many other people who they meet on the Internet. Once I met a man who revealed he had bought a plane ticket for a woman that never came to see him. To avoid the heartache, anger, and the disappointment that is associated with being scammed, please never send any money to anyone you meet on the Internet. In addition, it is better to not loan money to people you have been dating in person. If someone is in desperate need of money,
fashion bags, suggest they consult a bank or ask their family. Once you start loaning money out to boyfriends/girlfriends there is no guarantee you will ever be paid back. Also, loaning money can put a strain on the relationship as you will feel this person is not very responsible, and cannot carry their own weight.

Q. Are there honest people on the Internet?

A. There are and you can take your time to get to know them. However, do not give out information about yourself just because they seem trustworthy.

A. It is as long as long as you never give people too much information about yourself. Enjoy your chatting experience and remember to have fun, and not to take it very seriously.

Q. Where can I find chat rooms and social networking sites?

A. You can find chat rooms through the Yahoo Messenger, and on Aim. You can use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to meet people with common interests. You could also use MySpace, but in the last few years it is becoming more of a website musicians use to promote their bands and albums .

Boost Your Digestive Health With This One Simple Nutrient

Digestive health is a decidedly unsexy subject, but we need to talk about it, OK?

Dietary fiber is one of my favorite ways to keep the gastrointestinal (GI) tract healthy. It prevents and alleviates constipation and reduces risk of some inflammatory bowel diseases. Also, your gut doesn’t have the enzymes to break down soluble fiber, so it slides down to your colon, where that soluble fiber (found in oatmeal, lentils, fruit, and nuts) becomesshort chain fatty acids(SCFAs). SCFAs are your colon’s "gasoline" or fuel: they help everything run efficiently down there and support our overall immune system.

If it makes the conversation any easier, fiber also curbs your appetite helping you become lean and sexy. Research also shows that fiber can reduce your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Preliminary studies shows that fiber may even improve memory and mood!

So yeah, fiber’s that important for gut health and lots more. Studies show most American adults getless than half the recommended amount, and if you’re on a low carb diet, that number is even lower.

So, let’s get your numbers gradually up to the recommended 21 25 daily grams for women and 31 38 daily grams for men. You can easily do this by incorporating more of these nutritious and fiber rich foods:

Spinach, broccoli, and other veggies provide serious fiber and nutrients for very few calories. I slip raw kale into my morning protein shake, I enjoy a giant salad for lunch, and I do double veggies at dinner. Kids love mashed cauliflower with coconut oil or ghee.

Some smart high fiber veggies include:

Artichoke (1 medium) 10 g of fiber

Cooked Broccoli (1 cup) 5 g of fiber

Brussels sprouts (1 cup) 4 g of fiber

Lentils and other legumes are a good source of fiber and plant based protein. Don’t neglect other slow release,
cheap replica ray bans, nutrient dense carbs like sweet potatoes and quinoa, which also pack a fiber punch.

Some smart high fiber starchy carbs include:

Lentils (1 cup) 16 g of fiber

Garbanzo beans (1 cup) 13 g of fiber

Kidney beans (1 cup) 13 g of fiber

Sweet potato (1 medium) 4 gof fiber

Love avocado? You’re in luck,
replica ray ban sunglasses, 1 cup packs 10 grams of fiber. Load sliced avocado on your salad or top grass fed burgers with fresh guacamole. Nuts,
ray ban sunglasses replica, seeds, and nut butters are also healthy fat sources that come loaded with protein, nutrients, and fiber. Kids love pistachio crusted chicken fingers, and I throw slivered almonds into salads. I also add freshly ground flaxseed into my morning shake for an easy fiber boost.

Some high fiber good fats include:

Almonds (1/4 cup) 4 g of fiber

Flaxseed (2 tablespoons) 5 g of fiber

Avocado (1 cup) 10 g of fiber

Some days, you do your best and still fall short. Maybe you’re stranded at the airport with a three hour layover or you’re at your veggie phobic in laws’ house. Regardless,
replica ray bans, meeting your fiber quota feels nearly impossible.

That’s when I turn to a high quality fiber supplement. For efficiency, I prefer powders to capsules. Look for a multi fiber supplement with a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers,
buy fake ray ban sunglasses, and always take the supplement with plenty of water.

I mentioned before that fiber curbs appetite for fat loss. I’ll let you in on one of my top tricks to stay lean. About 30 minutes before your meal, stir a spoonful or two of fiber powder (freshly ground flaxseed also works) into a tall glass of water. You’ll be far more likely to bypass asking for seconds of your aunt’s homemade pie.

Readers Do you eat enough fiber each day? Did you know all of the health benefits of fiber or that it can help you stay lean? What are your favorite fiber rich foods? Leave us a comment below and let us know. She was also co host of TLC Freaky Eaters. The Virgin Diet has also been a bestseller in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune,
buy replica oakleys, and numerous other media outlets.

How To Buy Steel Toe Boots

If you work in a tough environment, such as a construction site for example,
Christian Louboutin Shoes, one of the first things you would have to make sure to do would be to protect your body. All precaution that you could possibly undertake would definitely pay off, since if you can prevent any type of harm to yourself,
buy christian louboutin replica, you should very well do it. Of course, the most obvious parts of the body that you would want to take care of first would be your head (by wearing a hard hat,
cheap christian louboutin, for example); your eyes (by wearing eye protection devices) and your hands (by wearing heavy duty gloves). But there’s yet another part of our body that is oft used but as often abused: our feet.

Our feet are one of the most neglected parts of the body; just imagine the weight that they carry each day, and yet they don’t get as much care as they deserve! That’s why it’s time to level up the care and maintenance that your feet receive, and invest in items that will protect them on the job. This is where steel toe boots come in.

Steel toe or safety toe boots are built with reinforcements that normal shoes do not have. These reinforcements are typically on the boot toe and sides, and they are there to protect the toes (the most fragile parts of the feet) from hazards such as falling objects at construction sites and manufacturing plants.

If you currently have a job that does present potential hazards to your feet, you may be interested in purchasing these types of boots. So what should you look for in steel toe boots to make sure that you’re getting the ones that you really need?

First and most important, you need to know what boots will protect you from. For example, steel toe waterproof boots would not just protect your toes from falling objects, but they would also make sure that your feet remain dry and protected from rain and flood.

Apart from waterproof boots,
Christian Louboutin Replica, some boots also have additional features such as reinforced soles that protect your heels from nails and protruding sharp objects, and insulation material to protect you from electric shock.

Apart from the shoes’ features,
louboutin replica, other things you should look out for include: slip resistant soles (even on the most slippery surfaces); whether the shoes provide adequate ankle support (to prevent injury to your ankles); the weight of the shoe (it should never be too heavy, not even if it is reinforced. Heavy shoes would be uncomfortable and intolerable specially if you need to do a lot of walking on the job); ease of wear (preferably, it has soft and cushioned soles to provide comfort to your feet); shock absorbent soles (to make sure that your heels won’t experience too much impact and wear) and an ergonomic shape (very basic, to make sure that you won’t develop painful foot conditions such as bunions and feet corn).

You should also inquire as to whether you are purchasing steel toe boots (which have actual steel reinforcements) or composite toe boots which use other hard materials as protection for your toes. Though steel toe boots are usually good if you’re working at environments with normal temperatures, if you work in cold weather areas it would definitely do you better to purchase composite toe boots since steel becomes freezing cold. To help you with your search, narrow down the choices by brand (such as Converse toe boots, Doc Martens, Dickies, etc), or by feature/category, and by price. Expect to find a large variety of choices, so it’s good to start off with an idea of your preferences, such as the color, the style (example,
Replica Red Bottom, boots or sneakers) and your price range.

Can the Eurozone Survive

Europe stands on the edge of an abyss, its most dangerous financial crisis since the 1930s. Greece, Spain, and Italy are the closest to tumbling over, but all the others in the eurozone are roped together like Alpine climbers, the fall of one threatening to bring down the rest. And the drag on the rest of the world, very much including the United States, would be calamitous. Say au revoir to our faltering recovery.

The facts of the eurozone showdown are brutally simple. Growth is stalled, even in the most successful member, Germany, and in many countries it is contracting. Unemployment is high and soaring; today Spain’s unemployment rate is some 24 percent. Banks are collapsing,
uggs uk replica, and over indebted governments are running out of both money and credit.

The agreement of a number of countries in 1999 to create a single legal currency,
fake ugg boots, the euro,
ugg boots wholesale, was the most ambitious project of the European Union of 27 nations. The nations embracing the euro saw it as a way to free trade, travel, and labor mobility. The eurozone made a dazzling debut and now includes 17 nations. Money poured into Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. The common conviction was that by having a single currency,
uggs replica, the nations of the eurozone would somehow converge that the spendthrift Greeks,
ugg boots fake, Spaniards, and Italians would become parsimonious, disciplined Germans. This basic assumption that all countries were henceforth equally creditworthy was proved an illusion by the financial crisis of 2008. After 2008, capital flows suddenly stopped in the very nations that had boomed before. They then had to rely on their own devices without the ability to devalue their currency. The internal economics of these various European countries were thus starkly revealed. Germany’s unit labor cost over the period of the last decade has declined by 3 percent. In contrast, the unit labor cost in France, Greece, and Spain went up by over 20 percent, and in Italy it rose by over 40 percent. Labor markets remained more national than continental, making them responsive to powerful unions and inefficient working and wage setting systems that allowed labor costs to soar. What this means is that products from these countries cannot be made competitive, since the countries now lack their former ability to lower the price of their exports by devaluing their drachmas, pesetas, and liras. If each had a variable currency instead of sharing a single currency, they would have to decline their currencies dramatically in order to restore the competitiveness of their home products. Currency declines would then have been on the order of as little as 10 percent and as much as over 20 percent.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the European debt crisis.]

The structure erected in 1999 stopped short of a fiscal union; it was rather like building a fine house but neglecting to add a roof for stormy weather. The fundamental flaw of the EU was to pursue a monetary union without a fiscal, economic, or political one. Member nations would agree on common interest rates and inflation targets, but would still decide individually how much to tax their citizens, what welfare and pension benefits they would pay, and what their employment policies would be. Today a German worker retires five years later than a Greek, so Germans ask why they should be paying part of their hard earned incomes so Greeks can work less. No wonder most Germans fiercely oppose bailing out Greece. Meanwhile, the French do not agree to scrap the EU’s generous farm subsidies. What they do have in common is a reluctance to accept high taxes as the price they must pay for cradle to grave welfare services. They like their holidays and their lengthy lunch breaks, but unlike the United States, they do not identify with the political construct that has been created in their name, namely the European Common Market (ECM).

The consequent financial insolvency, economic fragility, and political instability is reflected in the fact that seven European leaders of ruling parties have already been forced out of office because the one size fits all austerity measures to meet national debt payments have been deeply unpopular. Spain has had its demonstrations,
fake uggs uk, but not to compare with the violence in Greece. The deputy prime minister, Soraya S the most powerful woman in Spain told Reuters: "It is not possible to explain to citizens that what they save through austerity will then be spent on higher debt interest payments."